Tips for paper 2 UPSR

 Paper 2 Question 1 (sentence construction)

1.  Look at the picture carefully
2.  Note the people,animal,object and activity in the picture.
     Example : How many people (boys,girls,women,men) are there ?
                    What are they doing ?
                    Where are they ?
                    What can you see around ?
3.  You MAY use the words given in the boxes to help you.You do not use the 10 words.It is not
     Do not use the words which you are not sure of its meaning.
4.  You may use simple present tense,past tense,simple past tense and past continous tense.But it is
     recommended for you to use simple present tense and present continous because it is much easier.
5.  Only write what you can see in the picture.DO NOT write ideas about the picture and activity.General
     statements are also prohibited.
6.  Avoid using words such as ,then,after,next,firstly etc.
7.  Do not write a story.
8. Check your pronunciation.

Paper 2 Question 2a (Information Transfer/Filling the table)

1.  Look at the picture/graphic carefully.
2.  Read all the information about the picture thoroughly. 
3.  Complete the answer column,that is the information about one topic first.Then only write the answer for
     the other two.One after the other.
4.  Write with correct spelling and puntuation.If possible copy the anwers from the information.Do not omit
     or change anything.
5.  Remember.There may be information on the picture or graphic.
6.  Understand the information before transferring.Make sure you transfer it at the right column. 
7.  Put a hyphen if you wish to break up the words.
8.  Make sure you have completed the 10 blanks in the table.

Paper 2 Question 2b(Information transfer/Giving reason)  

1.  Choose only one choice.Do not refer to the other two.It is avoid you from making comparison from the
     other two.             
2.  Read instruction for question 2b carefully. Understand the needs of the questions.You need to know
     whom you choose the choice for.
3.  Avoid using firstly,then,secondly,thirdly,lastly.Use linkers like furthermore,besides or moveover only when
     when necessary.
4.  Add in your ideas or new words if you can .
5.  Give reasons for every point you write.
6.  Do not write to many reasons.
7.  Always check your spelling and punctuation.