Friday, 7 October 2011

Regular Verbs

This page shows the basic tenses with the regular verb work. It includes the affirmative or positive form (+), the negative form (-) and the interrogative or question form (?).
The basic structure is:
positive: +
subject + auxiliary verb + main verb
negative: -
subject + auxiliary verb + not + main verb
question: ?
auxiliary verb + subject + main verb
These are the forms of the main verb that we use to construct the tenses:
base verb past past participle present participle -ing
work worked worked working

past present future
do + base verb
(except future:
will + base verb)
+ I did work
I worked
I do work
I work
I will work
- I did not work I do not work I will not work
? Did I work? Do I work? Will I work?
have + past participle
+ I had worked I have worked I will have worked
- I had not worked I have not worked I will not have worked
? Had I worked? Have I worked? Will I have worked?
be + ing
+ I was working I am working I will be working
- I was not working I am not working I will not be working
? Was I working? Am I working? Will I be working?
have been + ing
+ I had been working I have been working I will have been working
- I had not been working I have not been working I will not have been working
? Had I been working? Have I been working? Will I have been working?

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